Due to the flooding we had last week and the number of homes affected by this disaster, Samaritan’s Purse brought a team from Calgary and Toronto to coordinate volunteer assistance for those who are in need of help. Samaritan’s Purse command centre is located at the Lakeshore St. Andrew’s Church parking lot and they will assess every situation. There is no fee for this service. Whether it is hauling furniture out of the basement, cutting drywall, or cleaning the basement – you can call (866) 628-6565 to speak to a coordinator at the Command Centre located at the church parking lot.

You can also volunteer in either of these 2 ways if you wish to:
• Distribute door hangers in the affected areas to inform residents of this free service (Oct 4-7) OR
• Be part of a team that will assist residents (Oct 6 – 14) – either half days or full days. Equipment, supplies, and t-shirt will be supplied.

If interested in volunteering, please contact the Command Centre at (866) 628-6565.

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