Eva Antonel: Managing Editor

Eva has been a resident of Essex County for the past 44 years. She has gone to school, married, raised a family, met lifelong friends and made a living by working with books and magazines in this, her chosen city. When she is not working with words, she is either reading or writing them for pleasure.

Shelley Divnich Haggert: Managing Editor

Shelley Divnich Haggert reads, writes and teaches in Windsor, and has been part of the local & national magazine industry for 16 years. She has three daughters and is “Grandma” to a hedgehog, a parakeet, a min pin/poodle cross, a lab/shepherd cross and a corgi. She lives with her husband, and Thor, a dog who’s afraid of thunder.
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Angelica Haggert: Social Media, Website, Contributor (Exploring Matters)

Angelica does a lot of things, including cycling, hiking, geocaching, adventure races, stage management and more. She loves chips and dip, giraffes, and correcting the grammar of strangers. Angelica is addicted to all things social media and her Twitter feed consists of photos of Frankie and Braxton the dogs, and Samwise the cat.
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Alex Antonel: Proofreader, Contributor

Michael Haggert: Contributor (Food Matters)